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A Call from Sara

August 28, 2011

”Momma, I need a favor.” You bet, I tell her, I will help in any way I can. She proceeds to tell me that she would like me to make a weighted blanket for her son, my first grandchild. I love that my kids think I can make anything, without their confidence in me, I wonder if I could do all that I do.
So, I designed a quilt for my grandson with pockets for the weights and a few for pix of his family, so that he can feel comfortable that we are all near. The pattern will be available for purchase by the end of the week.
Thank you so much, Sara and Tucker.


Visions of Sugar plums

December 26, 2010

Not sleeping. Don’t know why, but 4 a.m. seems to be the time I need to awaken. Circadian rhythm mix up.

Buying a new sketchbook today and some watercolor paper. Had to leave that behind twice now, stashes of paper, erg. Hopefully the next move will allow me to take my entire, atash of art supplies with me. DH did bring all of the supplies I kept from DK, but I had let much go for the move.

Working on getting back in the groove of creating now that my family is more or less intact, at least most of us on the same continent. Seems like I can spend more energy on creative activities when I am not worried about my family….who woulda thunk it?

I will spend this lovely day after Christmas helping my daughter fold and put away about 40 bucks in Laundromat washed clothes. We had a hilarious time doing laundry together yesterday. The boys were the muscle and helped bunches too, but they missed some of the hilarity.

Sara and I went to change laundry over to find that two out of 4 of the loads did not wash. The tubs filled with water and sat. Flash forward: Freezing cold, soaking wet, heavy as heck laundry into a basket. She went to get the car. I, in all my brilliance, heaved the basket and carried the hundred pounds, dripping, sloshing, mess to her car leaving a trail, yes, a sodden trail behind me. Did I mention the water spilled down the front of my pants and into my snowboots? Well, I should have.

It all turned out just fine. It was wonderful to spend time with my little girl- not so little- and I know the boys had a good time watching AVP, which I am equally glad to have missed.

Loving the holidays. Starting a new chapter and of course new goals for the new year. Maybe I have finally decided what it is I am going to
focus on….maybe.

Today is the day…

December 19, 2010

Well, my family is all on US soil again. That is a relief and a joy. Especially since we will be spending the holiday together with Sara and Tucker as well. Hooray.
As for creativity, well, dh brought all of my art/quilting supplies back from DK. Today I get to unpack them (yes, touch them and look at them and make plans for the precious bits and pieces).
By the way…I have batteries…hooray! Back to taking and uploading pix.

Inspiration begets inspiration

April 14, 2010

so, I joined a new group today. Let us see if I figured out the badge thing or not.

I had a lovely day creating with my son. He took nearly 200 pictures and we made a movie on Picasa. we added a sound track. It was a wonderfully fun time even though I desperately wanted to work on something else. To see his creativity and imagination shine through and his excitement at seeing his creation come to life in a movie, was wonderful. just wonderful. that is inspiration to get my stuff done a little later. I am grateful to have been allowed to be a part of his vision. What a gift.

a new day has dawned

March 16, 2010

Today I decided is the day I will begin my artist blog.

I am new to art quilting but not new to quilting. I am new to showing my art and calling my self an artist, but not new to art.

My earliest memories are of creating. I created stories of being a kidnapped princess waiting to be rescued, while waiting in the bed of a pick up truck in a grocery store parking lot, back before seat belt laws.

I typed stories on an old, well at the time it wasn’t that old, manual typewriter. Children’s stories. I remember a legal pad filled with poems. I used my mom’s sewing machine to make my own dresses and skirts in the 4th grade. Learned to crochet around that time as well from my maternal grandmother.

I remember ”environmental art” in junior high and drawing and sketching in high school.

I learned quilting from my former mother in law. It was a panel for a baby quilt for my first daughter. I painstakingly stitched the edges of the print, through the 3 layers by hand. FMIL told me the stitches did not need to be so small–they were nearly microscopic! I wanted so much to do it right.

I had a steady, but small income from making and selling quilts. Patchwork, Applique, my original designs. I rarely kept pictures so I would not be asked to make the same quilt over again for someone else. Sounded too boring. And, I stayed away from ”copying” ┬álicensed designs, it was instinctive and I was surprised how many people requested it done.

Most of my creativity over the past 20 years has been used raising and supporting my children. First supporting my daughters and creating a beautiful life and childhood for them after a particularly disconcerting divorce. Then, with my second marriage, making sure my family blended well (thought it was up to me, folly, they did it themselves).

I used my creativity still with my family, but also by directing a childcare and preschool out of my home. As I outgrew that, my son entering kindergarten, I decided I wanted more.

I went to school for my BS in Early Childhood Education. My creativity was stretched to include all my online assignments and volunteering for a state organization involved with early childhood educational issues.

Now, degree completed, thank you, I am adding it to my 2 year degree on the wall, I need a new outlet for my creativity. I have read magazine articles, blogs, and books on art quilting and am giving it a go.

It is a wonderful liberating experience as I have found an art form where ”everything goes”. I can design my own fabric with stamps and inks and dyes and paints and household gadgets. I can make the ”quilts” any size I choose, since they won’t be used to cover a bed or cuddle up with on the couch.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love making a cuddle up quilt for a loved one for a special occasion. The techniques I am learning in art quilting will definitely improve my cuddle up quilts.

This is the record of my journey as I explore art quilting. Follow me, lets have some fun.

carol k.