“Meo” in Flying Geese

March 19, 2022

I bought 2 layer cakes of this cute kitty fabric because I thought it was really cute online. And then I got it home and I decided it did not inspire me. Has that ever happened to you? I’ve been waiting and waiting for something to jog my creativity.

Lucky for me Project Quilting Season 13 Challenge 6, the final challenge of this season was just what I needed. Determined to use at least some of a layer cake, I started making a few Flying Geese.

Purrfect Day- My Mind’s Eye
Riley Blake

I scrapped my 1st project after deciding that I needed to really respect this directional fabric.

Changing directions.

Directional prints. Directional geese. I changed directions and decided to make a block of these flying geese blocks that I think I need to make more of with the rest of these layer cakes.

This whole 16″ block is going to be repeated in each of the colors in the remaining layer cakes. I am going to make a small quilt. Thank you Project Quilting. You inspired me to use this cutie pie fabric and really have some fun with it.



First FUN Valentine

January 8, 2023

Well. Scrapped the bigger project this morning. It needs more work. I still have 1 here. This is the first time I have quilted circles that are actually circular. The first time I have dug in to my pink scraps in the New Year…lol. The first time I have have a holiday project done a month before the holiday. Monochromatic. 1 size of block. Happy with my Scrappy little, simple, mug rug. I need to make about 9 more. Will I get them done before February? If I do, it’ll be the first time ever! Lol

Challenge 5 Season 13 for Project Quilting By Prairie Light Designs

March 6, 2022

I had a thought about what I might make for this week’s challenge Rhythm and Repetition. I rarely start on the 1st day of the challenge. It usually takes me a day or 2 to get my bearings and then another day or 2 for my idea to flesh out. Then on Friday and Saturday, often Sunday, too…lol….I use my time to create what has been brewing in my brain. The inspiration for this piece is a series of photographs I took in the Fall. The moon rising over the prairie and cliffs at the edge of town. Cotton batiks, raw edge applique.

Peacock for Project Quilting 13.4

February 20, 2022
MJ Kinman En Pointe pattern with Tula Pink True Colors and Line Work equal By Prairie Light Designs "Peacock".

Quilting and Corona Virus

January 21, 2022

Two years. I have been cautious for two years. I enjoyed international travel, a few family visits and a new job. I tested positive this week, after being exposed at the new job. Rats. On the upside, I am vaxxed and boosted and feel that I would not feel this well, not really well AT ALL, without the Vax.

The energy I do have has been put to research….yup….Quilting inspiration research…All day I dream about Quilts…and my stash…and I will be so ready to cut and stitch….

I pulled out a quilt top which lacked pop or excitement and am considering adding Monkeys. Thoughts?

I am also dreaming about Project Quilting Season 13 Challenge 2, In Silhouette. Sunday at noon Wisconsin time (check out https://kimlapacek.com/ ).

I found a class teaching Warli Painting. These are amazing and are my current inspiration for that challenge. Now, if you are reading this and are worried it won’t be done in time, don’t…lol…no size requirement and the challenge gives lots of leeway for maximum fun and creativity.

I have something to look forward to when my energy returns. Until then, planning and dreaming.

Carol, out.

Charmed – all the colors

January 9, 2022

Whooohooo! @ProjectQuilting13.1

I have these adorable charm squares from organizing my stash and a sweet fat eighth bundle, Circular Logic by Janine Vangool, that I have been eager to use.


Circular Logic
scrappy charms

Lucky me, Project Quilting season 13 began and gave me the perfect opportunity to sort and choose pretties. I needed a simple design after returning from 2 weeks of hygge in Denmark with family and a work week of catching up. This is one block from Fat Quarter Shop free pattern, Mini Charm Chiffon.

It worked out just as I had hoped. I played just a bit each day of the 7 day challenge period with zero stress, maximum fun and stash/scrap busting.

I was certainly “charmed” by the challenge. Check out more of my projects at http://byprairielightdesigns.com

hank you to you all at Project Quilting for the fun challenges which encourage us to just make something, just be creative, and just have FUN.


Little Houses

April 16, 2021

Home is a place I know. 60″ x 48″ All cotton fabric and batting. 2021

Challenges. Challenges. I really do enjoy challenges. I have been working on several since September of 2020 after our move back to Montana.

Little Houses is for the https://kimlapacek.com/scrap-quilt-challenge

I have been supersizing the previous entries, see this blog post and my Facebook book page. https://carolsquilting.wordpress.com/2021/02/15/pineapple-memories-a-scrappy-quilt/

I rifled through my scrap tubs, bags, bin and grouped by color because I knew I wanted the houses to be a simple pic of a house and yard. I even added a little sun. I took a few silly hair pix and got to stitching. I am really happy with it. I will be buying a LAQ this year because I know exactly the quilting I will do for each block. There will be another house quilt in my future. Thanks Kim Lapacek. Love these challenges!

Ab Intra From Within

March 21, 2021

Project Quilting Season 12 Challenge 6, the last of the season. Ab Intra, from within. I wasn’t sure which idea I would make happen. So, I left it to simmer for a few days.

I kept the from within theme in mind. I got an ear worm and started singing “this little light of mine”. Then I started thinking how I have stitched my way through art and through life. It always comes straight from the heart. I find my joy there.

Life gives us many experiences and opportunities. I think we can let them drag us down or we can find the bits that give us joy, apply heart and let your little light shine.

Here is my 12.6 Joy

12 x 6 cottons, raw edge applique


You’re Crazy Daisy

March 7, 2021

I am working on the 5th Challenge for Project Quilting Season 12. The prompt is You’re Crazy, with the traditional Crazy Quilt block as an inspiration. It took me a few days of contemplation and a seed catalog to settle on an idea. I was eager to dig out fun fabrics and my embroidery floss for some hand stitching.

Crazy Daisy

The scrap tubs are full and so I looked to them to make my crazy daisy. I grabbed all cotton fabric and batting. I made the colorful petals using the Dresden ruler.

The tips of my crazy daisy come from my silk ribbons. I used cotton and silk embroidery floss to make French knots, a chain stitch, cross stitch and a running stitch. The hand stitching was so much fun. I decided to quilt using the embroidery stitches in the crazy quilt pattern in the corners. And Voila’ one Crazy Little Daisy. 19.5″ x 20.5″

Check out more pix on Instagram and facebook. By Prairie Light Designs @byprairielightdesigns

Happy Snail Trails

February 21, 2021

Project Quilting Season 12 does not disappoint. Challenge 12.4 the Snail Trail block is the inspiration block. This past 6 months have been my year of following other designer’s patterns. I have sewn/stitched/quilted in all combinations for 45 years. (I am about to hit 55 — come on Senior Discounts!) I have learned tips, tricks and good habits to enrich and improve my self taught ways. Thank you for the free pattern @fatquartershop.com.

My first time making this was F U N. I had no idea. My mind started racing with ideas. I pulled fabrics from my stash for a baby quilt. Then reality hit. That baby quilt is coming but for this challenge I added 2 borders to the block. I quilted the top. Put in a zippered back and tada. One of a trio ( 2 on the way) of colorful pillows.

The correct size pillow form for this 20″ x 20″ lovely is coming up. Excited to have plans for this next week. These Project Quilting Challenges offer inspiration for days. Thank you @PersimonDreams and @quiltchicken #projectquilting #pq12.4.