Necessity and Invention…oops

Well, this go round, with my shot at blog posting, I posted the picture and no text. Here is the text. 

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse.

I love the 3 Rs of Eco Friendliness. I love to use things in new ways. I love to be practical about things.

I had a tomato cage and a larger vine cage. No planting this year, but I did have a huge need for yarn storage. (I became a collector, rather than a knitter, crocheter) I found a great deal on yarns and would like easy access to it as well as an attractive way to store it. 

I took colored jeans that were passed over to me from a friend and made strips that I wove around the cages to make really lovely storage for my yarn. I did bend the bottom wires of the smaller tomato cage. The larger, looks pretty cool to me with the 3 wire legs wound together into a point.

Both of these will be hung low on my walls, so that they beautify my studio and are easy to access.

Sure hope I find more tomato cages. I still have more yarn, and I would like to make a tutorial. 


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