It’s been a long time….

I am not the poster I planned to be. I am the scattered, energetic chronically disorganized person who attempts with all of her might to be organized.

I make lists. I lose lists. I find lists and make new lists. I cross things off and add to them. I make all of my own work. such a small amount of what I ”need” to do comes from outside commitments.

I have so little time and so many projects to complete. I have learned things that I wish I knew a long time ago, so that I could be experimenting with them in more and different ways.

I know time is short. And I know I have time. somewhere in between I am trying to be who I am and do what I enjoy.

I have been knitting, in the round, with those nifty knitters. Yahoo! knitted caps, one for me and one for Tucker. A knitted gator for me. I am working on a baby cocoon–very pink and a little girls knit hat-also very pink. I am planning to make my daughter a pink and pom pom winter hat. Exciting!

I will be trying out the knook. A little package with crochet hooks to knit with. I also have traditional knitting needles and ordered a knitting class. I am going to be a knitter by hook or by crook. haha.

I am still quilting. Just got the Kansashi in Bloom book by Diane Gilleland. I have been wanting this for A LONG TIME. I am working on a flower tonight.

I am still painting. Have a canvas and materials ready right now…sitting and waiting for me.

I am still writing. And writing and writing. Unfortunately some of my best ideas come while I am driving. I then forget when I get somewhere with a pen. Tell you what, the 50 mile drive, one way each day to work through prairie and rolling hills is definitely fertile ground for story making.

I am full of puns today. And my eyes are brown, so you know what else I am possibly full of. 😀

I dyed a damaged top of Sara’s today, and a yard of fabric for me, of course. It is no longer damaged and is a beautiful medium purple color, lace and all. My yard of cotton is a lovely lighter shade purple.

I have not even begun so many things. I am hoping I am brave and organized enough to recognize the opportunities as they arise…so far so good.

Okay. Enough about me. How and what are you doing?


p.s. did I mention photography.  I am still taking many, many pictures. many, many.


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