On the Prairie

So, we have made it to the Little House on the Prairie. It is not as quiet as I expected. The birds are downright noisy and even a bit pushy. There is a rooster pheasant which demands to have his morning attention and a bit in the afternoon. He crows almost like a regular chicken rooster. He is loud and ruffles his feathers at us. He looks in from the road just outside of the front porch. I don’t know if you have ever looked at a pheasant closely or not.

They are beautiful birds. The colors are amazing. Pictures almost don’t do them justice. Red, blue, black, brilliant orange. When caught in the sunlight their chests just shine the most stunning copper color. Catch them in your grill–by accident of course– and they break it. I have done it once and felt terrible. I slowed way down and the bird seemed to walk away, but then changed it’s mind, went airborne and right in front of me. Yeah, no way to dead stop on gravel roads.

Living out here, 8 and a 1/2 miles from the nearest town of 1,000 is a new experience, but a good one. The vistas, gorgeous. The sunsets, moon risings, I could not ask for anything more scenic. I just discovered a lovely little path that is not really a short cut, but definitely a scenic route toward Peter’s boss’ house. It winds down and around a field and through a creek, well, there is cement path/bridgish thingy over the creek. I have heard there are turtles there, and there is certainly a myriad of life; ducks, frogs, birds, crickets and other uninvestigated music makers.  Of course there are larger creatures about.

We know that raccoons will visit us if we put out garbage they would be interested in. There is rumor of a mountain lion roaming around. I need to read up on hour large their territory might be and what we can do to stay out of its way. The other day I was driving toward town and encountered what must have been a rural North Dakota traffic jam–two antelope trotting down the road ahead of me. I slowed down substantially and they ran ahead of me until the next county road intersection and made a right. I went left. Traffic jam over. There are a lot of deer, mule deer and white tail. White tail fawns were in our yard one morning. It was awesome.

T and I go to school/work twice more, today and tomorrow, and then we are free for the summer to explore this new little prairie paradise we have landed in. Peter already knows the surrounding land well as he has been working it for more than a month. Heading to the big city now, Lemmon-1,200 people.  Enjoy your little slice of paradise today.


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