Visions of Sugar plums

Not sleeping. Don’t know why, but 4 a.m. seems to be the time I need to awaken. Circadian rhythm mix up.

Buying a new sketchbook today and some watercolor paper. Had to leave that behind twice now, stashes of paper, erg. Hopefully the next move will allow me to take my entire, atash of art supplies with me. DH did bring all of the supplies I kept from DK, but I had let much go for the move.

Working on getting back in the groove of creating now that my family is more or less intact, at least most of us on the same continent. Seems like I can spend more energy on creative activities when I am not worried about my family….who woulda thunk it?

I will spend this lovely day after Christmas helping my daughter fold and put away about 40 bucks in Laundromat washed clothes. We had a hilarious time doing laundry together yesterday. The boys were the muscle and helped bunches too, but they missed some of the hilarity.

Sara and I went to change laundry over to find that two out of 4 of the loads did not wash. The tubs filled with water and sat. Flash forward: Freezing cold, soaking wet, heavy as heck laundry into a basket. She went to get the car. I, in all my brilliance, heaved the basket and carried the hundred pounds, dripping, sloshing, mess to her car leaving a trail, yes, a sodden trail behind me. Did I mention the water spilled down the front of my pants and into my snowboots? Well, I should have.

It all turned out just fine. It was wonderful to spend time with my little girl- not so little- and I know the boys had a good time watching AVP, which I am equally glad to have missed.

Loving the holidays. Starting a new chapter and of course new goals for the new year. Maybe I have finally decided what it is I am going to
focus on….maybe.


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