Stress (even the good kind) and Creativity

Yes, we brought this stress on ourselves. We decided to move back to the states after a wonderful two years in Denmark. We really learned so much and had such a wonderful time and great experiences.

We decided we were ready and decided that I should choose a job and the boys would follow. We did not realize it would be so easy for me to find the job I was looking for at a living wage. Fortunate, the stars aligned, whatever it was, here I am, and waiting for the boys to finish up the Christmas tree season in Denmark.

So, stress. Well, the stress of moving, certainly. The stress of being away from family, most definitely. The stress of a dream job, what? Yes. Why, you might think? It is the perfect job, just what I wanted. Well, I want to know everything I need to know NOW. Not later, not as it comes, but NOW. Yes, it is self imposed, but the focus is intense and to find relief, I should turn to art, yes?

Well, in my haste, excitement, and stressed mind I thought I would have more time than I actually did to replenish my art supplies and reclaim my sewing machine before beginning work, or sometime during the weekends. Pooooie. Too pooped to pop. AND, so wonderfully busy catching up by phone with stateside fam and friends.

It has been wonderful and my art has gone by the wayside, until today. Today, I prepared my 4th and final TV tray for use. It is Mr. Clean shiny and ready for action. I have decided that a bookmark is in order. The local library has books to read and my Story Circle Group has 2 more books left for the year that I am eager to read.

The bookmark will be a double wide. I don’t know why, but I feel like that is the way to go. A double wide bookmark will feel more substantial. I can feel the need for something substantial and weighty after all of the upheaval of the past month.

Here is how I will begin ‘marking’ this time and place in my life and in the pages of the books I will be reading…


One Response to “Stress (even the good kind) and Creativity”

  1. Janet Riehl Says:


    Your artwork is lovely. Blessings on your passionate stress as you move across the water and continents.

    Janet Riehl

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