There is a scratching sound….

I do have things to work on. I am reading and reading so as to jump start my writing. I am planning and dreaming so I have much to look forward to and I am skyping and phoning my family to keep up with all the news and keep myself company.

I did not, however, bring my paints or canvas/papers, glues, fun stuff. I did bring fabric and will have to come up with hand sewing projects until I get a sewing machine, either my old one, from my daughter, or a new one. I have taken several pictures and written several paragraphs, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy the creative beast within.

It is roaring. Can you hear it?

It knows the inks and paints and papers and such are in DK, waiting. Just sitting. I honestly thought I would come by more quite a bit more easily, but i decided to move to a teeny tiny town and will need to drive through the plains to find a suitable watering hole for the beast to slake its thirst. (By the way, the first time I heard the word, slake, used was by Radar O’ Reilly on MASH)

I hear the beast scratching at the door now, time to grab a crochet hook and see if I can’t fend it off….


One Response to “There is a scratching sound….”

  1. etcher101 Says:

    LOL! I don’t think the beast ever quite subsides…it’s fickle goes into different directions!

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