Traveling light…

Well, have been on US soil for 5 days now. So much has happened that it seems like longer. My journal has a few entries, but, without my bag of tricks, it has been limited. There are images that escape my jet lagged brain only in pencil and I have been taking many pictures.

The boys are in DK and I am missing them terribly. Sara and Tucker are so near and yet so far away.

My delayed bag is also near and yet far. It arrived in Minot on Wednesday and apparently no one took the responsibility to get it to me, they said they would, but I am still waiting. A nice sounding fellow called today and guaranteed me my bag by Tuesday, plus reimbursement for my needs since I have been without the bag.

Found a place to live today. Nothing special, but a place I can scrub and decorate up. By the way….the census information is very much out of date regarding Lemmon, South Dakota. Lots of beautiful land and farms, but…

This is a town of around 1300 folks. Small. At this rate we will be living alone in the middle of, well, no where in 5 years, haha. It is funny, though, so many folks know about this little town. Most anyone I have mentioned the name to, has a story or has had a relative who has lived here.

Well, nearly over the jet lag. One more day and I will feel like a million bucks.


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