The buds on my orchid are still blooming. There are 6 opening now and one more that is not quite ready. My irises used to bring me this kind of joy, my day lillies as well;

checking them each day in anticipation.

The flowers that have brought me the greatest joys are the ones that are resilient and relentless. The irises came back year after year with no help from me…brown thumb Carol has killed cacti in her not so distant past- this orchid..remember, I thought I had killed it..has recovered and thrived.

I have had days, months even when blooming was a distant memory; something I thought I could not do again. And, yet, there is the sensation of buds forming along my branches, figuratively speaking, and I believe blooming is a possibility. Just that, is a spectacular ray of light beckoning me to the future. Perhaps lying dormant for a time builds energy and strength for blooming to be possible again. There is value in stillness and quiet. This is a lesson for me.

I need to learn more about flowers.


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