Living, moving and everything in between…

So, some of my bags are packed. Trying to meet airline and security requirements is a bit of a challenge.

Luckily for me, the boys will be able to bring some things over when they come, otherwise, my precious ”dreams” (bags of fabric and paints and other supplies) might be left behind. And that would not be good.

My orchid is blooming like crazy, 40 of the 50 buds are blooming, please see the pix below. I am so glad I get to see it.

The idea of moving to a town I am not familiar with, without any of my family–a first for me– is causing a bit of anxiety. I know it is moving us along the path of our dreams and it is still difficult.

I knew, as a young wife moving with my then husband that it was necessary and it was exciting. I knew as a single mom, 10 years later, that it was necessary if I were to support my little girls, they came with…of course. Now with my wonderfully supportive husband and my darling son staying  behind for a few months while I forge the trail, it is no less necessary, just more singular…solitary even.

And, yet, there is the excitement and anticipation of all new that awaits us; an eagerness to begin the next chapter. Life is a book that I am writing in daily.


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