Creating? of course. Creating a mess…

Well, the cat is out of the bag.

We are making a big change. Knew it was coming but weren’t sure when, now we are. I am moving back to the United States, South Dakota, specifically. I will be working at a Head Start and preparing a little home for the boys to join me in, come the first of the year. I say this because when Trevor and I left for vacation for 2 weeks before Peter could come along…the neighbors thought we left him. let me tell ya, they don’t know us, cause that is a big butt NEVER!!!

I am in a bit of a muddle. I am packing and repacking and trying to de stress, which is hard to do when I cannot find my art supplies!!!

Well, it will only be for about 2 weeks that I will have a squished up disaster. When I get my little house, or apartment, where it is me only me, (sad), I will have room to spread out and find everything. I can certainly doodle and try my hand at zentangles finally. ;D

Very exciting times….


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