Three sheets of paper, 2 kinds of glue and a project tu tor i al….

I worked on 3 projects today, yes, three.  A lap quilt, a dvd gift wrapper (tutorial, whoohoo!) and a cute little purse that will be on Etsy very soon. ;D

The promised hand dyed fabrics are posted here; tomorrow, vessel making!! wheee!

I was at the library and they were giving away empty dvd cases, so of course I took 5, my favorite number. My son had a birthday party to go to and needed a money holder. So, the two became one idea. See what I came up with and reduce, reuse, recycle. By the way, the receiver LOVED it. He told my son he was going to use it for cd he burned the other day. Whoohoo!

What you need: an empty dvd case, a variety of papers, stickers,glue, fabric scraps, markers, inks, scissors.

Measure base papers to fit in clear cover of dvd case, remember room for the fold. Decorate with various papers and stickers for birthday theme or to meet recipients interests. Cut a base paper for inner clasps (1/2) case. Decorate as desired. Trace a cd, cut out the middle circle to fit the dvd lock in the center. Decorate as desired.

Slide finished papers into clear cover, inner clasps and dvd lock. Yay!! It is done!

I will show you my 3 projects, completely finished tomorrow, check back. ;D


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