Living and recording….

Wondering about this absence of need to put something down on ”paper”, be in words or with paint or with stitches. I have been on a lovely vacation enjoying time spent with my daughter, son, husband and grandson, been seeing many good friends and eating lots of yummy and much missed favorite treats. My creativity is being used much the way it has over the past 20 years, chasing and entertaining as well as setting up exciting experiences for family, toddlers and 10 year olds, not to mention, 18 and 37 year olds, haha. It has been lovely.

I know that when I am in the midst of the action, I have only the ability to live it and enjoy it. I will record it as I relive it when the vacation is over. I know some would say, ‘that is way too late, details will be lost for all time’, I personally think not, just the way my mind works. It all comes back, pictures and words, sights and sounds, they are all ”in there”, and they will not fail me when I need them to in my little house in DK, when I need to create in the light…


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