Color inside the lines, cut in a straight line…

Color inside the lines, cut in a straight line..

Those words keep coming back to me when I pull out my art supplies. I remember being 6 years old and being told that before I could go from Kindergarten to First grade, I would have to cut a straight line. I still have issues with straight lines, and I have made it through high school and 2 college degrees. So, all has not been lost.

This is fear grabbing at every stick and straw to bump me off the creative horse; so that instead of galloping through my projects and ideas, I bump into branches and the horse trips over logs. Or, worse, I second guess the image I am trying to put onto paper, onto cloth, with whatever medium.

I had a comment from an artist I am a fan of ¬†regarding the fearlessness of the process. I took her encouragement and have been making monoprints, painting and cutting–some straight lines, some not–and just in general ”going for it.”

I have had so much fun in the process and found so much enjoyment, and yes that JOY in there is what I mean. It is like the sun is coming out in my mind and in my little ”studio” (the diningroom). I may not have made GREAT art, but I have learned lots and created lots and some is actually pretty darn good, at least it was what I was trying to do.

I did all this through a very painful shoulder injury that shot pain right through my dominant arm–elbow, wrist and fingers. Even up through my neck, across my scapula and the right side of my upper chest. So heroic, right? No, actually it was better for me than the treatment from the physician. It was healing. Simply perfect rx for what ailed me.

Wish I had pictures to show right now, they will be added later. Issues with my rechargeable batteries. Heading to the store to grab some more. Show and Tell is coming soon. ;D


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One Response to “Color inside the lines, cut in a straight line…”

  1. arlijohn Says:

    I find that art is just going for it. I’m happy you’re feeling better and that you have learned that principle.

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