Motivation, materials, work and success….

I have been wondering about this for a time. I see the blogs of other artists or crafters, quilters, painters, and I become frustrated with myself, expecting this to come naturally for me and easily and even becoming a bit, quite a bit, envious of other artists whose websites look wonderful, whose blogs are interesting and well written, who are selling and writing books; I want that.

I get the idea that IF I had a studio and space organized to work in, I could have that. IF I had a large budget for supplies, I could have that. IF I lived somewhere where supplies and a live social network of artists were readily available to me, I could have that as well as the endless motivation to continue to create. Every day would be sunny and filled with finished projects and opportunities.

Okay, now reality check. I keep reading the blogs. There sometimes go several days to a week or more when THEY (successful artists) don’t post or post regarding low motivation periods. There are lulls, not every post is pure gold, sometimes silver and sometimes bronze, even. These folks have kept at it though.

And I have to remember that they have been at it for some time, a significant period of time where it has been their focus. They have paid their dues. They have done their time and they have struggled often for supplies–whether it be because of cost or availability or classes to learn techniques and build that social network. Another memory smacked to the forefront in my thoughts today. I remembered reading about the lingerie designer Olga; maker of ¬†gorgeous underthings. I read that she started, I believe, in a basement with an old sewing machine and a few scraps of cloth. Definitely not glamorous.

So, instead of giving into the green eyed envy monster¬†(surely beaded and sequined on gorgeous 100% cotton fabric or silk), I will create and create and create and network and reach out and search and search for all those things I need in order to fulfill my dream of becoming the artist that I believe I can be, using my very own ruler for success. Get an inventory ready and ”out there” to put myself out there.

Off to the work room to make it, whatever it will be, happen.


2 Responses to “Motivation, materials, work and success….”

  1. Melly Says:

    It may seem like other artists have an easy time of putting it out there, doing it, being an artist. You are right, this is work and there is a fearlessness to doing the work. You don’t need new supplies. You can use what you have, play games of what if. Get your fingers to do what your mind asks. It will come.

    • Carol Says:

      Thank you, Melly. Encouraging. I saw your post some time ago, and have mulled it over and over and obsessed on it, etc. I do have a lot of supplies and it is just that fear, that rears its ugly head. I have taken this encouragement and been running with it, busy, busy, USING my supplies and seeing what happens rather than hoarding No doubt some may be over dyed later and some may sit as UFOs for a bit, but I am creating. And sometimes I am probably NOT using my inks and paints in ”the proper way” but, I am figuring that out, too.
      One of my little experiments is coming to you in the form of an ATC.
      Thank you again for taking the time to comment. I was a little starstruck, too, honestly. I follow your blog at and facebook page. A fan for sure.

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