Busy, Busy…

I love to start new projects! It is the best part. The only thing that comes close is seeing the project finished. Of course the process is a wonderful time, too. It is just different that the beginning and the end.

In the beginning there is that spark of an idea. That is so exciting. And the end, to see if the image comes out just as intended or better because of subsequent ideas along the way. I tend to work more intuitively, sometimes I think it can be a hindrance, but, it is how I can work.

The process. Well, the process, all that wonderful in between is a whole different ball game. Being in the moment, working the project and letting the project work its magic on me is transcendent. Like the most vivid dream. A place of pure imagination, that is both far away and right inside me, at the same time.

I decluttered my workspace and materials so that I could see exactly what I have to work with. Touching each piece, each item that I was drawn to strongly enough to buy gives me inspiration. The perfect project will materialize for each object, each piece of fabric, but for now many lie dormant. Others are blooming. Enough to keep me busy.

Here is a little peak at my neat workspace, UFOs and a new project.


2 Responses to “Busy, Busy…”

  1. Carol Says:

    i create treasures

    So, I love to try to post these badges. I copy and paste. Perhaps I need to ask someone how to do this, if that is not the way. ;D

  2. Carol Says:

    by the way that is a badge for http://www.ctpubblog.com

    don’t know why that did not show up either. I WILL learn this. I will. ;D

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