I learned something new today……

Well, I knew I KNEW it, but now I know it again.

Relaxing allows me to be more creative. Yes, time to r e l a x allows me the space to have my own thoughts in my head and then they can flow freely from my head to my hand.

My husband taught me this. He works hard all week, sometimes into the weekend, but when he relaxes, he relaxes. Sometimes he is so still on that couch I have to check his breathing even though his eyes are open. It allows him to put in those long hard days at work again and he says he has no stress. Well, except for me stressing out because I am having a hard time re lax ing.

Also, children are good at helping you slow down. My middle daughter taught me also, quite some time ago. She stopped and smelled every flower on walks to anywhere. She had to have a good long look at ‘special’ things. I learned to slow down then and guess I needed another lesson.

The kaleidescope I was worrying over and not getting right, came out just as I had envisioned it in my sketches. Now, to transfer it to my painting and get on with the story. This week, I will work to do much the same as last week. Exercise every day, watch my diet–nothing extreme, just pay attention–and relax. Yes, yes, there are other things, but these will be my personal priorities.

happy creating!



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