Art runs through like a stream….

My grandfather could play the piano by ear. He also was a story teller, tried his hand at drawing  and was generally a tinkerer, always had to have his hands busy.

As a fourth grader, I wrote poems and stories on an old typewriter. The illustrations for my books are still clear in my memory. I can remember telling my grandpa I wanted to write a book, and he told me he had stories enough to fill it.

Work, school,  and children were the focus of my artistic/creative talents for more than 20 years. There were quilts; they were my therapy, along with Stephen King books late into the night and the wee hours of the morning.

The youngest, my only boy, is not terribly thrilled for me to make too many things for him. He was the woodsman in his class production of Snow White. I dyed pants to just the right green, made a cape from a suede skirt, altered a hat to look hunterly and sewed on a feather. He was somewhat excited. ”MOM! why did you have to DYE the pants! none of the other moms did that! They (being the dwarves)are just wearing sweats and sweatshirts!”

So, I need to tone it down, or start working for a theatre company, which I would love to do, by the way.

My children have all been artistically talented: dance, music, art. My son is quite an imaginative artist. He is prone to waking up in the middle of the night to type stories on his computer. He also draws and has decorated some of the walls.

Johnny Allen, my nephew is quite a talented artist. I am posting a link right here and now. Please check him out. He has online galleries and a facebook page.


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