old favorite brightens this cloudy day..

Headed to the fabric stash today. Yes, it is my birthday and yes, I have declared this is my ”day off”. I can’t resist the call of the work table though. I want to put fabrics together in pleasing ways. I want to hear the chug of my sewing machine.

Yes, I am afraid it is a chug–I have a cheap and crappy machine. I was desperate, though. I needed a sewing machine here in Denmark. I did not bring mine, thinking we would be here for a year and I would be okay without it. Wrong. I bought one that I would not mind leaving behind when we move away. Well, plan worked. I will not mind one bit leaving this one behind. It is a poorly designed machine, that is all, but that is everything. It does sew a straight line and if I am careful I can learn all its ”tricks” and work through and around them.

The fabrics I am choosing today are not for an ”art quilt”. I am making a cuddly comfy quilt. I am going for the 9 patch. Simple and sweet.  I am going to add a little appliqué ”surprise” to it once it is all pieced .

Bright colors to brighten the day, at least in my sewing area. Enjoy your creative day.



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