a new day has dawned

Today I decided is the day I will begin my artist blog.

I am new to art quilting but not new to quilting. I am new to showing my art and calling my self an artist, but not new to art.

My earliest memories are of creating. I created stories of being a kidnapped princess waiting to be rescued, while waiting in the bed of a pick up truck in a grocery store parking lot, back before seat belt laws.

I typed stories on an old, well at the time it wasn’t that old, manual typewriter. Children’s stories. I remember a legal pad filled with poems. I used my mom’s sewing machine to make my own dresses and skirts in the 4th grade. Learned to crochet around that time as well from my maternal grandmother.

I remember ”environmental art” in junior high and drawing and sketching in high school.

I learned quilting from my former mother in law. It was a panel for a baby quilt for my first daughter. I painstakingly stitched the edges of the print, through the 3 layers by hand. FMIL told me the stitches did not need to be so small–they were nearly microscopic! I wanted so much to do it right.

I had a steady, but small income from making and selling quilts. Patchwork, Applique, my original designs. I rarely kept pictures so I would not be asked to make the same quilt over again for someone else. Sounded too boring. And, I stayed away from ”copying”  licensed designs, it was instinctive and I was surprised how many people requested it done.

Most of my creativity over the past 20 years has been used raising and supporting my children. First supporting my daughters and creating a beautiful life and childhood for them after a particularly disconcerting divorce. Then, with my second marriage, making sure my family blended well (thought it was up to me, folly, they did it themselves).

I used my creativity still with my family, but also by directing a childcare and preschool out of my home. As I outgrew that, my son entering kindergarten, I decided I wanted more.

I went to school for my BS in Early Childhood Education. My creativity was stretched to include all my online assignments and volunteering for a state organization involved with early childhood educational issues.

Now, degree completed, thank you, I am adding it to my 2 year degree on the wall, I need a new outlet for my creativity. I have read magazine articles, blogs, and books on art quilting and am giving it a go.

It is a wonderful liberating experience as I have found an art form where ”everything goes”. I can design my own fabric with stamps and inks and dyes and paints and household gadgets. I can make the ”quilts” any size I choose, since they won’t be used to cover a bed or cuddle up with on the couch.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love making a cuddle up quilt for a loved one for a special occasion. The techniques I am learning in art quilting will definitely improve my cuddle up quilts.

This is the record of my journey as I explore art quilting. Follow me, lets have some fun.

carol k.


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